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SV 279 PRO Noise Monitoring Station

SV 279 PRO is an outdoor monitoring system based on SVAN 979 Class 1 sound level meter. The IP 65-rated case contains a lead-acid battery which operating time can be easily extended by connecting an external battery or solar panel. The intelligent charging unit enables use of a solar panel without expensive controllers and heavy batteries. The case is fitted with very robust, waterproof connectors (military standard) and is supplied with an IP 65 external power supply. The light-weight outdoor microphone kit can be easily installed on a mast with standard mounting threads. All accessories fit conveniently into a second carrying case. The system provides broad-band results such as Leq, Max, Min and Peak with all standard weighting filters together with an incredible time-history logging feature with two adjustable logging steps. The broad-band results can be recorded in three acoustic profiles which enable measurements to be taken with 3 different filters (e.g. A, C, Z) as well as 3 different detector time constants (e.g. Fast, Slow, Impulse). The SVAN 979 can be easily removed from the case and used as a hand-held sound level meter. The monitoring station uses the 3G modem for the remote communication with Internet. SvanNET, the relay server, supports the connection between PC and station. The SvanNET allows the usage of the system with all types of SIM cards, regardless if they have public or private IP. Additionally, it gives an access to a status of monitoring stations over a mobile phone or tablet.

-Standards Class 1: IEC 61672-1:2013 (PTB approval 21.21/13.06)
-Meter Mode Elapsed time, Lxy (SPL), Lxeq (LEQ), Lxpeak (PEAK), Lxymax (MAX), Lxymin (MIN),
-Ovl (OVERLOAD %), Lxye (SEL), LN (LEQ STATISTICS), Lden, LEPd, Ltm3, Ltm5
-Simultaneous measurement in three profiles with independent set of filters (x)
-and detectors (y)
-Analyser 1/1 or 1/3 octave real-time analysis
-Pure tone detection meeting ISO 1996-2 (Tonality option)
-User programmable second order band pass filters (optional)
-Audio Recording Time domain signal recording to WAV signal, continuous or triggered
-Sampling rate: 12/24/48 kHz with 24-bit resolution
-Weighting Filters A, C, Z, B, G
-RMS Detector Digital true RMS detector with peak detection, resolution 0.1 dB
-Detector Time Constants Slow, Fast, Impulse
-Microphone GRAS 40AE, 50 mV/Pa, prepolarised 1/2” condenser microphone
-Preamplifier SV 17 Voltage type (supports 200 V polarisation)
-Linear Operating Range 22 dBA RMS ÷ 140 dBA Peak (in accordance to IEC 61672)
-Dynamic Measurement Range 12 dBA RMS ÷ 140 dBA Peak (typical from noise floor to the maximum level)
-Internal Noise Level less than 12 dBA RMS
-Frequency Range 3.15 Hz ÷ 20 kHz, with GRAS 40AE microphone
-Data Logger Time-history logging with two adjustable logging steps down to 2 milliseconds
-Memory microSD 8 GB (removable and upgradeable to 128 GB)

Remote Communication 3G modem
-Power Supply DC power supply / charger 11 V ÷ 30 V (waterproof)
-Internal battery 17 Ah / 12 V
-Secondary external battery 33 Ah / 12 V (optional)
-Solar panel (optional)
-Operating time on battery 4 days with continuous modem transmission
-8 days with modem switched off
-Test Conditions: meter mode, display dimmed,
-2 ms time-history logger, continuous event recording
-Microphone protection kit SA 279 outdoor protection kit (IP 65)
-Environmental Conditions Temperature -10 °C ÷ +50 °C
-Dimensions 420 x 340 x 210 mm (without antenna and cables)
-Weight Approximately 9 kg including battery

- Dati dosimetrici SPL, Leq, SEL, Peak, Dose, D-8h, Lav, SEL8, PSEL, E, E-8h, TWA, ‘Contatore Peak’, etc.
- Fattori di scambio 3, 4, 5, 6. (opzionale)

- Analisi in 1/1 ottava Analisi in real-time in classe 1, conforme alla di IEC 61260, da 31.5 Hz a 16 kHz (opzionale) contemporaneamente ai tre profili (SLM), registrazione time history e audio
- Analisi in 1/3 d’ottava Analisi in real-time in classe 1, conforme alla di IEC 61260, da 20 Hz a 20 kHz (opzionale) contemporaneamente ai tre profili (SLM), registrazione time history e audio

- Classe di protezione IP 65 (microfono escluso)
- Memoria Micro SD card da 4 GB (removibile & sostituibile con capacità superiori)
- Display a colori, 96 x 96 pixel, tipo OLED
- Interfacce USB 2.0 cliente
- Alimentazione 4 batterie alcaline AAA o NiMH ricaricabili durata 16h ÷ 24h (a secondo dell’uso)
- Interfaccia USB 100 mA HUB
- Condizioni ambientali Temperatura da -10 ºC a 50 ºC
- Umidità fino a 95 % UR, senza condensa
- Dimensioni 232,5 x 56 x 20 mm (con microfono e preamplificatore)
- Peso Circa 225 grammi con batterie

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